Mixed Stream Graphics

Mixed Stream Graphics refers to a process of creating images and video by segmenting and remixing image elements. These strategies create image remixes of several types, among them are:

Clip Splash

    • A clip splash is a style of composite digital image. It's comprised of clips taken from a set of photos or video frames that are 'splashed' onto a digital canvas.
    •  Each clip is a selective crop from a larger photo or video frame. Clip selection is an automated process guided by an object recognition algorithm. The selection algorithm is tuned on an ad hoc basis to select interesting objects or sub-objects from the set of larger images. Since cropping is algorithm-guided, each clip generally has more visual interest and is better composed than a simple random crop.
    •  A splash is a 2 dimensional arrangement of selected clips. It is referred to as a 'splash' because, once the parameters of arranging clips into the splash are specified, there is no intervention by the artist. Since a splash can contain thousands of clips, no matter how detailed the arrangement parameters are specified, the result is never fully predictable.
    • The process of creating at a final splash occurs in two phases. First, a series of splashes are created with varying clip placement parameters. Once a set of pleasing parameters is determined and a splash image or layered splash image is created, a second phase of refinement can be done. During the refinement phase individual clips are added, subtracted or moved within the larger composite image.

Scan Panorama

    • A scan panorama is a panoramic image created by assembling segments taken from a sequence of video frames taken with a moving camera.

Accordion Panorama

    • A panoramic image created by reflecting random width sequential image segments.

Panoramic Photomosaic

    • A mosaic of image segments of varying sizes. Segments are laid out in an overarching perspective that can be normal, reversed or orthogonal perspective.

Tiny to Titanic Transforms

    • Super-resolution apps are great if you want to make an image bigger while maintaining detail. A 'tiny to titanic' image explores the limits of this process. Take an image. Throw away detail by resizing it down to something less than a megapixel. Then use a super-resolution app to make that tiny image much, much bigger. The resulting 'tiny to titanic' image showcases the nature of the 'detail' added by the super-resolution transform.
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